about the webmaster

quick facts

  • pronouns:
  • year i found the Internet:
  • favorite cryptid:
  • signs:
    taurus sun + capricorn moon + cancer rising
  • favorite motifs:
    flowers, goldfish, sparkles, space, moths, candy, snack foods
  • job i look like i have:
    elementary school teacher (a nice one)
  • job i actually have:
    cat mom

facts, but slower and meandering

hey, i'm lay.

it's so hard to talk about myself because it ends up devolving into rambles that only half make sense because every other thought only exists in my head instead of being written down.

i let myself be possessed by any and every idea. i get absorbed in daydreams and making things and have a hard time remembering to exist.

this website is a celebration of who i used to be, who i am, and who i'm still becoming. a collection of things that have touched me or that i loved, even briefly. as a child shaped by the days of web 1.0, it seems fitting to look back on myself using a personal website.