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welcome to my brand-new trashfire

we're under construction! some of my pages are up, but mostly everything does not work. thanks for stopping by!

this is my second attempt to make a website because the first one got too complicated and less fun.

if i wasn't having fun making this for myself then what is even the point.

・゚✧☽˚ please read ˚☾✧・゚

edited graphics or web assets i've found will be credited (usually in my footer), so you can find/use them too, if you wish.

i do not want to misuse content from small or independant creators. so if you see something that is not properly credited or something that cannot be displayed for personal uses, please let me know and i'll take it down. thank you!

please don't repost or use my art.

my plan is to have stuff in the 'gacha' page for people to use, like adoptables, etc. so please look forward to that in the future!

pls be nice or i'll cry

i'm stressed

having all the windows open and unminimized is my life.

update log


decided to finally post some art from throughout the years along with a lil blurb about each piece.

i self-reflect quite a bit.

sorry about that.


added my about page, yay! none of the links in there work, but at least i have a lil self-doodle.

added a chat box because why not? i'm still working out the kinks...

and finally, there's a link back banner, which i'm not super into right now and will change later, but it's nice to look at.


happy halloween!

you'll notice a new splash page.

minor fixes: updated header image, new update log, more to come soon.

i'm a lil bummed i couldn't enjoy halloween to the fullest this year because of real-life things happening all around me, but the spooky season always make me happy.


♪ ♬ ♪

moonlight ☾ densetsu - music box ver.

click to play/pause.
music player by @girisgoblog
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