the great oekaki obsession of 2006-2010

i need everyone to understand that style is a farce.

there are definitely some common elements here and there, but for the most part, i'm so inconsistent with my style that looking back on this collection of drawings from high school feels like at least 4 different artists were involved.

these aren't arranged in perfect chronological order, but for the most part, my earlier stuff (~2006) is gathered in the top half, while my later stuff takes up the bottom two rows of images (~2010).

i created hundreds of drawings in oekaki, but i didn't save all of them (unfortunately). i'll have you know that i omitted all of the naruto fanart i produced around this time. you're welcome.

i visited oekaki central (archived) almost every day after school. even if i wasn't drawing, i was looking at other people's work and leaving comments. i'm not exaggerating when i say that i was obsessed with oekaki.

it was my first foray into digital painting and a lot of the techniques/skills i learned on oekaki boards were carried over when i was able to afford more sophisticated art programs. oekaki was so fun, though. and i miss the community-driven, low-stakes environment of those internet paint chat spaces.

neocities user, cinni, has her own oekaki board, if you're interested in trying it out or wishing to return to it! please allow yourself to experiment and just have fun!