CD brochure graphic design project from 2013

i was an art student from 2010-2013 and dropped out due to money issues (+ insecurity about my skills/imposter syndrome), but this is one of the few pieces that have stood the test of time and is something i'm still really proud of.

the middle image is what the final product was supposed to look like (sans all the personal information i wrote on it). it folds in half so that the fish are on the outside and my self-portrait is on the inside. then you fold it so it becomes a tri-fold CD sleeve.

i had to save all my assignments to a CD.

yeah. that's how old my curriculum was.

i used adobe illustrator to format everything, but i drew the individual illustrations on my student priced copy of photoshop (which was still $300) before they converted to a subscription-based product. and i did 90% of it with a mouse because my wacom tablet was from 1993 and the USB cord had all but unraveled.

art school was the most stressful time of my life, but also a really wonderful time because i got to make art almost 24/7.