ursa (she/her) drinking soda

a character for a comedy otome game i'm writing.

i really enjoy otomes, mostly because i always yearned to play them when i was young but couldn't afford it. and now that i can, i'm sort of too old to enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed, lol!

i no longer have the tumultuous teenage emotion needed to keep up with the ridiculous storylines of 99% of otome games. i still find it fun; just exhausting. (takes me months to finish a single route in an otome.)

i want the otome i'm writing to be funny and self-aware, but also heartwarming! i'm not trying to make fun of the genre at all. i just want to make a story that i would like to play now that i'm old.

the background assets in this drawing were made by this graphic designer and are no longer available, but feel free to browse her shop and purchase a personal license (as i did) if you like something!